River Levels and Flood Warnings

Three Day Flood Risk Forecast

Heavy rain will continue across south Wales and west of England today, with some ponding of rain along roads and urban areas that could lead to some localised flooding and travel disruption. With unsettled conditions and strong winds at times from Wednesday onwards, there is a possibility for spray from strong winds along the west coast of England and Wales, and a small chance that tide levels will lead to very isolated instances of flooding along low lying coastal areas along the east coast of England on Thursday and Friday.

Forecast issued by the Environment Agency on Monday 26th September 2016 at 10:30am.

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Detailed Flood Risk Forecast

Current Flood Warning Summary

  • 524 No Warning
  • 625 No Warning
  • 1 Flood Alert
  • 694 No Warning
  • 492 No Warning
  • 793 No Warning
  • 491 No Warning
  • 351 No Warning

Current Flood Warnings

Current River Levels Snapshot

River Levels Map River Levels List

Highest current water levels

(by percentage above normal high)

  1. Netherley Brook, Winster Drive: 82.41%
  2. Dafen, Halfway: 72.64%
  3. Gwendraeth Fawr, Pontyates: 57.07%
  4. Gwendraeth Fawr, Pontyberem: 32.60%
  5. Ebbw, Aberbeeg: 27.96%
  6. Gwendraeth Fach, Llangendeirne: 23.61%
  7. River Waldon, Bradworthy: 10.00%
  8. Tawe, Ynystanglws: 9.43%
  9. Loughor, Tir Y Dail: 6.90%
  10. Llynfi, Aberkenfig: 6.23%

Lowest current water levels

(by percentage below normal minimum)

  1. Dore, Peterchurch: -100.00%
  2. Walsden Water, Todmorden Salford: -98.89%
  3. River Hayle, Relubbus: -95.29%
  4. River Calder, Active Way: -89.27%
  5. , Maunby: -81.61%
  6. River Brue, Bruton Surgery: -64.44%
  7. Kennett, Beck Bridge: -63.64%
  8. Wooler Water, Coldgate Mill: -60.00%
  9. Cobbins Brook, Waltham Abbey: -53.33%
  10. , Shepherd Road LVL: -50.00%

Highest current water levels

(by absolute value above normal high)

  1. Dafen, Halfway: 0.45m
  2. Netherley Brook, Winster Drive: 0.45m
  3. Gwendraeth Fawr, Pontyates: 0.35m
  4. Gwendraeth Fawr, Pontyberem: 0.31m
  5. Gwendraeth Fach, Llangendeirne: 0.27m
  6. Tawe, Ynystanglws: 0.14m
  7. Ebbw, Aberbeeg: 0.14m
  8. Loughor, Tir Y Dail: 0.07m
  9. Amman, Pont Amman: 0.07m
  10. Counter Drain, Welches Dam: 0.06m

Lowest current water levels

(by absolute value below normal minimum)

  1. River Derwent, Stamford Bridge: -2.51m
  2. River Calder, Active Way: -0.49m
  3. River Wreake, Syston: -0.27m
  4. Dore, Peterchurch: -0.19m
  5. Walsden Water, Todmorden Salford: -0.18m
  6. River Avon, Keynsham US: -0.16m
  7. River Harbourne, Palmers Dam: -0.15m
  8. Kilton Beck, Skinningrove: -0.15m
  9. , Maunby: -0.14m
  10. River Brue, Bruton Surgery: -0.12m

Snapshot stats exclude seasonal streams (ie, those which are normally completely dry for at least part of the year), tidal locations and locations where insufficient recent data is available.

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