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Three Day Flood Risk Forecast

Localised significant impacts are possible from surface water flooding today (Saturday) as a result of locally heavy showers across parts of Wales and the south-west, central and southern England. This brings an overall LOW surface water flood risk. These showers are mostly expected to develop during this afternoon and into the early evening. Some locally torrential downpours are possible. Any impacts will be localised and could include the flooding of individual properties or parts of communities and the disruption to travel. This forecast is updated daily - please check again for the latest forecast. For local flood information please contact Floodline on 0345 9881188.

Forecast issued by the Environment Agency on Saturday 28th May 2016 at 10:30am.

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Detailed Flood Risk Forecast

Current Flood Warning Summary

  • 524 No Warning
  • 625 No Warning
  • 695 No Warning
  • 492 No Warning
  • 1 Flood Alert
  • 792 No Warning
  • 491 No Warning
  • 351 No Warning

Current Flood Warnings

Current River Levels Snapshot

River Levels Map River Levels List

Highest current water levels

(by percentage above normal high)

  1. Rhondda, Hopkinstown: 95.57%
  2. River Salwarpe, Stoke Prior: 57.46%
  3. Slea, Cranwell Line Sluice: 46.67%
  4. Wey, Westbrook Mill: 16.37%
  5. Netherley Brook, Winster Drive: 8.33%
  6. Lambourn, Eastbury: 4.10%
  7. Budleigh Brook, East Budleigh: 0.29%
  8. Winford Brook, CHEW MAGNA RESERVOIR: 0.01%

Lowest current water levels

(by percentage below normal minimum)

  1. Walsden Water, Todmorden Salford: -100.00%
  2. Shaw Brook Tributary, Dryden Street: -89.02%
  3. Cobbins Brook, Waltham Abbey: -83.33%
  4. Eden, Appleby: -55.71%
  5. , Webbs Hole Sluice: -54.42%
  6. Northmoor Main Drain, NORTHMOOR REMOTE: -48.37%
  7. , Wakefield Henry Street Br: -45.00%
  8. River Eamont, Udford: -32.89%
  9. , Maunby: -29.89%
  10. Wyke Beck, Gipton South Parkway: -27.50%

Highest current water levels

(by absolute value above normal high)

  1. Rhondda, Hopkinstown: 1.06m
  2. Wey, Westbrook Mill: 0.38m
  3. River Salwarpe, Stoke Prior: 0.21m
  4. Slea, Cranwell Line Sluice: 0.08m
  5. Lambourn, Eastbury: 0.05m
  6. Netherley Brook, Winster Drive: 0.05m
  7. Winford Brook, CHEW MAGNA RESERVOIR: 0.01m
  8. Budleigh Brook, East Budleigh: 0.00m

Lowest current water levels

(by absolute value below normal minimum)

  1. Northmoor Main Drain, NORTHMOOR REMOTE: -1.45m
  2. Walsden Water, Todmorden Salford: -0.18m
  3. Shaw Brook Tributary, Dryden Street: -0.15m
  4. , Webbs Hole Sluice: -0.12m
  5. Eden, Appleby: -0.08m
  6. Esk (Border), Canonbie: -0.07m
  7. Little Ouse, Thetford Coffee Mill Sluice: -0.06m
  8. , Maunby: -0.05m
  9. River Eamont, Udford: -0.05m
  10. , Pontyclun Ynysddu Farm LVL: -0.04m

Snapshot stats exclude seasonal streams (ie, those which are normally completely dry for at least part of the year), tidal locations and locations where insufficient recent data is available.

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